WC Scores and Gem Calculator
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This post provides insight into the top 50 bracket of Dungeon Hunter 5’s weekly Wanted Challenge (WC) as well as a rough gem calculator for players to use in determining the maximum amount of gems they will require to attain … Read More

Tracking Top Guilds’ War Performances
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This post is intended to aid both the guilds listed below as well as other guilds wanting to look at statistics from the top tiered war guilds on the windows server. The guilds below can use the data presented here … Read More

Guild Wars Data and Power Rankings
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Context and Purpose This post provides a reference in aiding guilds seeking to place within the top 10 bracket (or a top 10 guild into top 5 bracket) at Guild Wars (GW). GW is presently Dungeon Hunter 5’s most competitive … Read More

How To Obtain Gems Quickly (Without Spending Money)
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One of the most frustrating aspects of dh5 is being short on gems and not know how to lots of them fast. Gems are the central and most important currency in dh5.  And a negative result of this is that they … Read More

T6ing Skills – Evolution Materials Needed
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As we all know t6 skills are the craze these days. Lots of people have them but what they do not know is the evolution materials required to t6 them. And that is why I wrote this post.  T6ing a … Read More

Guild Wars – What we know so far
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This post is intended to provide a summary of what we know so far about guild wars. Of course this content is subject to change before its release and this post will be update and re-published once its final version … Read More

Site Updates Coming Soon
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My fellow bounty hunters,   I sincerely apologise for the state of inactivity this site has seen over the past month, I’ve been so pre-occupied with work that I’ve not been able to publish new content (that and my crazy … Read More

Trial of Elements Listing
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Hello Fellow Bounty Hunters As requested by a fellow guildmate of mine, this post presents to you the list of waypoints and their corresponding elemental enemies up to WP 48. I hope this rainbow coloured post helps you in preparation … Read More

Power Shifting
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“Vae Victis! Woe to the Conquered one!” Good day fellow bounty hunters, this post will be providing a brief discussion of a equipment strategy that I’ve termed ‘Power Shifting’. From my experience, power shifting only comes into play when your … Read More

Opening 15 Forsaken Lands Stronghold Chests
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Hey all Bounty Hunters, Today I’m sharing the results of opening 15 Forsaken Lands Stronghold chests consecutively. Over the last ticket event (Hipoxys the Gatekeeper), I gathered a grand total 157 tickets using the strategy I posted previously (You can … Read More

Farming Trinket Ingredients – T2 Cabbages
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Welcome to the second part of the series for farming trinket ingredients. This tips and tricks post focuses on farming the T2 trinket ingredient from solo missions (AKA Cabbages). You can find part 1 of this series here containing a full introduction … Read More

Farming Trinket Ingredients – T1 Feathers
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Trinkets, these little goodies are what get you at least 7k stats. Trinkets exist in tiers 1-5, and takes alot of time to farm ingredients to craft. Equipping three (3) t3 trinkets of matching element with get your global stats … Read More

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