Farming Trinket Ingredients – T1 Feathers

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Trinkets, these little goodies are what get you at least 7k stats. Trinkets exist in tiers 1-5, and takes alot of time to farm ingredients to craft. Equipping three (3) t3 trinkets of matching element with get your global stats above 7k if balanced properly.

This post will be in a series of parts, each part accomodating an ingredient tier. Also note, this post only provides tips and tricks for farming the trinket ingredients from solo missions. The remaining ingredients must be farmed from the Trial of Elements.

Context and Notes

This post is tailored to farm the Tier 1 trinket ingredient: Feathers. The calculations below show the maximum number of feathers that may be required to craft a single trinket
Crafting a Tier 1 trinket: Requires 1 feather
Crafting a Tier 2 trinket: Requires a total maximum 14 ((13 + 1) death) feathers
Crafting a Tier 3 trinket: Requires a total maximum 70 ((14 X 5) death) feathers

This post only describes the strategy I employ and missions I grind for farming feathers. There may be more efficient methods that other players using for this task, do let us know what strategy you use in the comments below.

Time Management

As with grinding in any game, this farming works best with focus and undisturbed continuations. Due to the large number of the feathers required, I suggest dedicating a fixed amount of time for straight grinding of these ingredients (that means avoiding CHAT!). For me personally, since i have a full time job, I only really play during the night when dailies come on. When I’m ready to craft a trinket, I’d spend one (1) hour only grinding for ingredients in solo missions (whether this may be feathers and/or cabbages). This way, I limit the time I spend in-game to keep my productivity up. Do let me know in the comments below what time management strategies you guys use if trying to strike a balance.


Basically for farming these ingredients, you should kill all enemies as well as destroy all objects (pots, candle holders, chairs, etc.) and make your way up to opening the mini chests in that Missions. Once you have opened the chest, pause to see if you have received the ingredient. If you have gotten the ingredient, complete the mission, if not, quit and try again. Doing this process allows you to make very fast attempts at getting an ingredient and it has proven to be the most quickest and effective for me. You must kill all the enemies and destructibles before opening these mini chests to increase your chance of getting an ingredient. This task, in my opinion, is the most pain staking one in this game…Best of luck. Do note that if you want to gather these ingredients in the quickest manner, you can use rush tickets on the highest Expert Mission location. These offer an estimated 90% chance of getting the ingredient with a rush ticket. However this approach requires alot of energy (about 26 energy per rush) and you may need to use gems for refills.
The sections below provide the mission locations that I grind as well as screenshots of the mini chests at which you should pause at.

N- Normal

H – Hard

E – Expert

[pane title=”Fire Feathers“] Fire feathers…..the most difficult feathers to farm in my experience. The approach I have used with this ingredient is switching between two(2) missions but in my experience this particular feather has quite a low drop rate.
Drop Rate: Extremely low
Mission Locations: 25N, 40N, 21E
Grinding Spots: 25N (8 Energy) and 40N (15 Energy)

Mission 25N Pause Location:


Mission 40N Pause Location:
[/pane] [pane title=”Water Feathers“] Drop Rate: High
Mission Locations: 24N, 5E, 19E
Grinding Spot: 5E (16 Energy)

Mission 5E Pause Location:
[/pane] [pane title=”Light Feathers“] Drop Rate: Average
Mission Locations: 27N, 39H, 26E

Grinding Spots: 27N (9 Energy) and 39H (18 Energy)
Both these grinding spots provide reasonably good drop rates. I’d usually switch between grinding spots if drops become lower.

Mission 27N Pause Location:


Mission 39H Pause Location(Make sure to destroy the crates on left of obstacle before pausing):


[/pane] [pane title=”Death Feathers“] Drop Rate: Average
Mission Locations: 22N, 38H, 23E
Grinding Spot: 22N (7 Energy)

Mission 22N Pause Location:
[/pane] [pane title=”Nature Feathers“] Drop Rate: High
Mission Locations: 26N, 38N, 16E
Grinding Spot: 26N (8 Energy)

Mission 26N Pause Location:
[/pane] [/accordion]

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  1. DARK

    thanks for pause locations, Raz.

  2. Emainia

    Also, the Trial of Elements gives feathers and trinkets of the week’s element. Waypoint 6 gives 1 feather, 15 gives 2, 12 gives T1 trinket, 40 gives T2 trinket, and 45 gives T3 trinket. I made it all the way to waypoint 40.

  3. Sarika

    Niceee 😀 Will have to try some of these out.

  4. MillerT

    I just want to point out that the pause points are the first place the feather could show. I have had times where it didn’t show at the marked points but did appear later. So if there is no feather at the “pause point”, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should give up already.

  5. MIJ

    Thanks for hints Raz and others. I have my own way in farming feathers . I usually clear first few waves/rooms of enemies . Then i will pause and see (Rinse & Repeat). In my experience I had a 5-6:1 drop ratio (playing normal mode i.e mission 25) doing it this way. Also I try to kill the minions/enemies first before my Ally does (so use a quick range weapon like Cross Bows/ Staffs). The reason is because minions carry the feathers sometimes. You do not have to go through the whole mission to the end killing every enemy, opening every chest, and breaking all “breakable objects” in that mission. This is too long of a process for farming in my opinion. Try it and see if it helps. Thanks.