How To Obtain Gems Quickly (Without Spending Money)

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One of the most frustrating aspects of dh5 is being short on gems and not know how to lots of them fast. Gems are the central and most important currency in dh5.  And a negative result of this is that they can be very difficult to get. Many players get quite worked up when their is a special chest or a daily dungeon and they are completely out of gems (myself included).

Here’s a few ways to get gems fast..

  • Do your daily quests

  • Missions (storyline and dream portal)

  • Events

  • ToE ( for the newbies this stands for trial of elements which can be found in the event tab )

  • Daily rewards

  • Guild wars

  • Special gifts

  • Energy marathons and related events

  • Sign into facebook ( 30 gems plus a backed up profile )

    That’s all folks! Hope this helped out even the slightest!