Guild Wars – What we know so far

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This post is intended to provide a summary of what we know so far about guild wars. Of course this content is subject to change before its release and this post will be update and re-published once its final version is made live. The information provided here can be used by guilds to pre-plan for the release of guild wars as the rewards in this event will be the best in the game. Serious players and guilds will be heavily investing time and effort into this event and the information provided here may assist players. You can find official and newest information on GameLoft’s official forums which you can find here as well as the Guild Wars discussion thread with developers here


Guild Wars Description and Format


Guild wars in Dungeon Hunter 5 is a three (3) day weekly event whereby guilds participate in a PvP battles to earn war points and place their guild on top of the leaderboard. Note here that the guild wars event is entirely separate from the normal guild tournament that also runs weekly. Rewards are given to the guilds that have earned the most war points at the end of the three (3) day period. The rewards will be the best armor and weapons in the game, heavily surpassing all Wanted Challenge (WC) gears and legendary gears (currently seen at 3635 stats at T6 lvl 1).


Guild wars have the following properties:

  • – Occurs only once per week
  • – Guild Battles occur between two (2) guilds and last only one (1) hour
  • Automatic matchmaking for guild battles after guild has been put into battle queue


Guild Battle Properties

A guild battle is essentially the fundamental unit of guild wars. Ideally, guilds that successfully participate in the most guild battles will be at the top of the leaderboard. Guild battles have the following properties:

  1. – Can only be started by either the guild leader or guild officer. Once started, the guild is put into a battle queue where they are automatic matched for a battle.
  2. – A guild officer must be selected by the guild leader by promoting a member. Guild officers share the same capabilities as guild leaders being able to also kick and recruit members into the guild.
  3. – Has two (2) play modes: Stronghold raids and armory raids. Stronghold raids involve guild members raiding the opposing guild’s stronghold to earn war points. Armory raids involve the player entering a stage and smashing as much destructible objects within a time limit to gather loot. This loot stacks to obtain a ‘battle frenzy’. A battle frenzy gives a huge bonus to war points obtained from successful raids for a period of time

Ideally you’ll want to have stronger guild members performing stronghold raids and weaker guild members building battle frenzies via armory raids.


Battle Quests

Battle Quests is a list of objectives that the guild can collectively complete to earn rewards (rewards right not have not been clearly defined but at least includes a huge amount of war points). Battle quests will require a strong level of communication between guild members to complete.


Energy System – Morale

To perform stronghold raids and armory raids, a new energy type called morale (hope I spelt that correctly) will be required. This energy type is of course entirely separate from the normal solo mission energy and stamina for raids. Once morale has been depleted by a player, it can be replenished using gems in the shop.


Rewards System

Rewards are only handed out to guild members that participle during the guild wars. Do note that these rewards are given to all active players as opposed to top 6 that is done in the guild tournament. So if all members in a guild were active for a particular guild wars event, then all members would receive the reward at its end.

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  1. MIJ

    Thanks Raz for this summery. The communication between guild members has to be better if we want to succeed in these guild wars. Top players should take on top players, and middle players v.s middle and so on. Also we need to find a way to assign which # our members are raiding. Because last guild war we were raiding same person over and over which made us waste stamina/morale. And i think i used a good strategy raiding weaker guilds ( i cannot post here). I don’t think all guilds will be able to do all five guild wars. No one has that many gems/time. Gems burning is the only way to catch up and rank at the top. It may take 3k gems to rank # 1. If guild run out of gems the war points will indicate that. Last war 250k in war points translate to thousands on gems being used to refill the morales. Finally, activity is the key. Few members cannot do all the work while others just watch. To face a guild with 30 members for example will require all of us to finish the battle. Also one person and “one person only” should start the wars. To avoid lags…etc.. Like we did last time. Best of regards to all my guile members. Have fun.