Tracking Top Guilds’ War Performances

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This post is intended to aid both the guilds listed below as well as other guilds wanting to look at statistics from the top tiered war guilds on the windows server. The guilds below can use the data presented here to assess whether or not their performance in wars is deteriorating or improving over time. This post will also evolve over time to include more in depth analysis as more data is collected.


Notes: Data here will be updated weekly. In the case where a ‘0’ score is recorded to a guild for a particular week, it simply means that the guild did not place in top 15 of that war and its score was not recorded, this is also reflected in the power rankings which can be found here:

[accordion] [pane title=”SoulReavers” start=open]
[/pane] [pane title=”Sparta”]
[/pane] [pane title=”Imperium”]


[pane title=”легион”]


[pane title=”BlackApache”]


[pane title=”Green Peace”]


[pane title=”THEBORG”]


[pane title=”Ganzters”]


[pane title=”WabiSabi”]


[pane title=”TITANS”]


[pane title=”GodsSlayerS”]
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