WC Scores and Gem Calculator

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This post provides insight into the top 50 bracket of Dungeon Hunter 5’s weekly Wanted Challenge (WC) as well as a rough gem calculator for players to use in determining the maximum amount of gems they will require to attain a desired score. Currently, the game provides two (2) different types of rewards on its wanted challenge events:

  1. 5K+ Armor/Weapon Rewards (No special evolution materials needed here)
  2. 3K Armor/Weapon Rewards (Special Evolution Materials needed and awarded based on ranks)

Both of these WCs are separated into their own graphs for clarity. As with all other data analysis posts on this blog, all visualizations are updated weekly.

5K+ Armor/Weapon Wanted Challenges

Gem Calculator

The calculator below determines the maximum amount of gems required to obtain a particular score without taking into consideration the gems or energy obtained from rewards by progressing the WC. For a closer estimate on the amount of gems needed, you can manually calculate/estimate the gems that would be acquired along the way and subtract it from the calculator’s score.

Desired WC Score:
Player Level:

Maximum Required Gems:  

3K Armor/Weapon Wanted Challenges