WC Scores and Gem Calculator
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This post provides insight into the top 50 bracket of Dungeon Hunter 5’s weekly Wanted Challenge (WC) as well as a rough gem calculator for players to use in determining the maximum amount of gems they will require to attain … Read More

Tracking Top Guilds’ War Performances
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This post is intended to aid both the guilds listed below as well as other guilds wanting to look at statistics from the top tiered war guilds on the windows server. The guilds below can use the data presented here … Read More

Guild Wars Data and Power Rankings
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Context and Purpose This post provides a reference in aiding guilds seeking to place within the top 10 bracket (or a top 10 guild into top 5 bracket) at Guild Wars (GW). GW is presently Dungeon Hunter 5’s most competitive … Read More

Trial of Elements Listing
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Hello Fellow Bounty Hunters As requested by a fellow guildmate of mine, this post presents to you the list of waypoints and their corresponding elemental enemies up to WP 48. I hope this rainbow coloured post helps you in preparation … Read More

Solo Mission Minion Guide
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This guide will help players locate various minions throughout the solo missions in DH5. Minions can help build and protect your Stronghold. Try to have different types of minions as well as different elements. Note# 1: The guide does not list the … Read More

Solo Mission Evo Material Guide
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Where to find Evolution Materials This guide will help you find the evolution material found throughout DH5 missions. Note #1 : The missions in DH5 “only” provide certain evolution materiel (usually dragon teeth and dragon scales). Other evolution material can be … Read More

Mission Skills Guide
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Where To Find Skills Note: This list contains all the “Elemental Skills” found in solo missions (1-63). These same skills are found/Dropped in Special Dungeons such as “The Sand Ticket Event” or in Bounty Chests at various Tier (not more T2). You … Read More