T6ing Skills – Evolution Materials Needed
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As we all know t6 skills are the craze these days. Lots of people have them but what they do not know is the evolution materials required to t6 them. And that is why I wrote this post.  T6ing a … Read More

Power Shifting
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“Vae Victis! Woe to the Conquered one!” Good day fellow bounty hunters, this post will be providing a brief discussion of a equipment strategy that I’ve termed ‘Power Shifting’. From my experience, power shifting only comes into play when your … Read More

Farming Trinket Ingredients – T2 Cabbages
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Welcome to the second part of the series for farming trinket ingredients. This tips and tricks post focuses on farming the T2 trinket ingredient from solo missions (AKA Cabbages). You can find part 1 of this series here containing a full introduction … Read More

Farming Trinket Ingredients – T1 Feathers
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Trinkets, these little goodies are what get you at least 7k stats. Trinkets exist in tiers 1-5, and takes alot of time to farm ingredients to craft. Equipping three (3) t3 trinkets of matching element with get your global stats … Read More

Farming Tickets: Hipoxys the Gatekeeper
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Welcome all bounty hunters, this post is intended to show players a method of effectively and efficiently grinding Ashkardian tickets for opening chests (Forsaken Gear or Forsaken Stronghold Chests). Do note that this post only describe the method that I … Read More

Farming Super Fusion Points
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Brief on Super Fusion Points Super fusion points can be created and collected to provide bonus stats to equipment by fusion. The super fusion (SF) points that a gear possesses can be seen on the top left corner of its … Read More