Opening 15 Forsaken Lands Stronghold Chests

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Hey all Bounty Hunters,

Today I’m sharing the results of opening 15 Forsaken Lands Stronghold chests consecutively. Over the last ticket event (Hipoxys the Gatekeeper), I gathered a grand total 157 tickets using the strategy I posted previously (You can find it here). My SH desperately needs a rework, so I decided to agressively pursue last week’s ticket event, in an attempt to increase my defenses.

157 tix shown

Below are the results of the 15 chest openings.

Chest No. Item Name Tier
1 emberstrike conjurer 3
2 duergar battlesworn 3
3 tainted dark sentinel 3
4 pyre voror 3
5 tormentor 3
6 vulture harpy 3
7 warmage hexcaster 3
8 tormentor 3
9 sanguinator 3
10 kenashi berserker 3
11 overseer 3
12 blighter 3
13 sanguinator 3
14 nightmare pit 3
15 lacerator 3

And out of 15 openings, I’ve only acquired 3 items that I deem useful without a single death or water voror (in my opinion the pyre voror is extremely weak), with 3 Forsaken Items.

Estimated Probability of acquiring an FS item: (3/15) X 100% = 20%

Final Thoughts

Overall the results have been very disappointing but the brightside is that I only spent 150 gems for these openings. Imagine it from the perspective of a player that may have opened 15 chests using purely gems (required 750 gems) and gotten similar results. Farming tickets are the most economic approach to chest openings, providing more value for your gems.

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  1. MIJ

    My Experience with opening many chests in consecutive fashion was also horrible. However, few people i know said that using gems give you new better items! I think that can be true since GL will try to make you waste your gems in any way they can think of. I remember that i used gems before but also got old crappy items. I never tried to open many chests using gems. Most i did was 5 in a row. If you get bad items after five openings i think you should stop and try again later or open the normal chests (if you are using gems). GL apparently leave old bad items in chests before they release a new update. So best is to wait for the new updates and hope you will get a new better item. There are over a thousand item in these chests combined. So the chance to get what you are looking for maybe a very small one. It is a known fact that only “newbies” get the best items or those who are high VIP’s or those players who do an IAP (in application purchaces). The truth is: The average player always gets crap unless he or she is very lucky. Some people opened a chest 1 time and got a collosus or a Legendary item. it could happen, but again that is extremely rare or favored for one reason or another. Hope my input/experience helped . Save your Gems for WC people. DO not open gems unless we can use tickets…etc you collect in a Special Dungeon or Event.

  2. MillerT

    I wonder if there is a difference in the drop rate when purchasing chests with gems. I have now bought 7 forsaken chests with gems between my 2 accounts and have received 6/7 forsaken items.

    • Raziel619

      Well from MIJ’s comment it would appear that there may be. However I’ll continue to play on this more economic route since my gem resources are limited.