Farming Super Fusion Points

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Brief on Super Fusion Points

Super fusion points can be created and collected to provide bonus stats to equipment by fusion.

The super fusion (SF) points that a gear possesses can be seen on the top left corner of its card. It’s important to note that these bonuses are added to the base stats of an item, meaning that they are taken into account when applying percentage bonuses. Typically, each super fusion point gives the following bonuses to its respective gear type:

Armor: +2 bonus armor

Weapon: +2 bonus attack

Skill: +2 bonus

For the armor on the right, the 21 SF points provides 42 bonus armor:

2322 + (21 X 2) = 2364





Obtaining Super Fusion Points

SF points can be obtained from two (2) ways:

  1. An SF point can be obtained from a percentage chance by fusing together four (4) gears of all same type (see image in next section).
  2. All items obtained from gear and stronghold chests come with one (1) SF point. It is important to note here that SF points are transferrable via normal fusion between items of same type.

Efficiently Farming Super Fusion Points

As a sort of sidequest, players such as myself farm for these SF points to further boost main equipment sets. Below I’ll describe the most simple and cost efficient way of farming these points that I currently use (without of course having to open gear and/or stronghold chests).

Upon doing solo missions and opening bounty chests (mandatory as part of dailies), player’s inventories usually gets filled up quickly by tiers 1-3 equipment. Now usually players may rapidly sell these gears to free up inventory space as needed, however you can gamble with these worthless gears to earn super fusion points. The problem with this is that a large amount of gold would be needed to fuse to your main sets. To be cost efficient, I perform these gamble fusions on a tier 1 equip, to minimize the cost per item fusion (see image below).


I’ve actually stacked up quite a bit of SF points using this method with each gamble costing 9k gold as shown above. I also use this method on weapons, skills and minions. Once you’ve stacked up enough points, you can then use this level 1 gear to your main set to transfer the SF points. This method allows you to gamble on gears that you would otherwise just sell for little gold.

Final Notes

In my opinion, I think SF points should be gathered when your account is a bit high leveled, with your ability to gather gold significantly high. At later stages in the game, players accumulate large amounts of gold that may be given to guilds with a small portion that can be used on gambling for SF points. I’ll also point out here that SF points can push equipment stats alot and are not to be undervalued. Consider an example below of an armor at 2322 base stats using 50 SF points and an additional 80% armor bonus from other equipped items:

Without 50 SF points: [2322] X 1.8 = 4180

With 50 SF points:      [2322 + (50 X 2)] X 1.8 = 4360

The difference in stats is 180 as it is also accounted for in percentage bonuses, making it a huge booster for a player’s global stats.

Do leave a comment below if you guys have found better ways of farming SF points or any additional information you’d like to share. Also please visit here if you’d like to become a contributor.


3 Responses

  1. old goat

    I need to start looking in this direction…THANK YOU!!

  2. MillerT

    You can save a lot of gold by reversing the order of SF. Instead of using the highest level item as the target use the lowest. In the pictures example, if a lvl 1 armor would be benefiting from the fusion, it would have only cost a couple hundred gold and not 9k.

  3. MIJ

    I think to really see a difference in stats you need to accumulate tens of SF points. Personally i am leaving SF for last after all 5 elemental sets are acquired from WC/chests. However, sometimes i do SF. Another thing not mentioned in this article is the fact that sometimes players can collect SF boosters, They are special boosters offered in various events. Also the percentage for SF is very complicated and can be costly as MiLLerT mentioned in his comment. Sometimes on higher tier items you need at least 21% chance to form a SF point ( if one is using items without any SF points on them at all), and lots of gold. Thanks for the hints.