Farming Tickets: Hipoxys the Gatekeeper

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Welcome all bounty hunters, this post is intended to show players a method of effectively and efficiently grinding Ashkardian tickets for opening chests (Forsaken Gear or Forsaken Stronghold Chests). Do note that this post only describe the method that I found to be the fastest clear of the raid and there may be faster ways of doing it.


Thoughts on previous and current state of Ticket Events

This is the third different iteration of the Ticket Event that I have experienced and in my opinion it is by far the most balanced of the three (3). The previous ticket event, Champion Raid: Dendrik the Marauder, only required players to collect one (1) Kenashi ticket to open a chest, however the drop rates were extremely low, less than 10% on Expert from my experience. The drop rates on the NS ticket event were then further decreased after the first patch to that version. Also on this patch, players would go to the pause screen to determine if they were going to receive if a ticket if they saw a greyed out piece of armor. Whether this was a glitch or intentional is still a controversial argument.

Prior to Dendrik the Marauder, there was the Lady Tzimeko Stronghold Raid, which required players to gather 50 tickets to open a single chest. However players would gather 15 tickets by completing all three (3) difficulties and the remainder from replaying the event. Drop rates on this version were reasonably good but collecting 50 were a bit overbearing.

Finally now with Champion Raid: Hipoxys the Gatekeeper, players are required to gather 10 tickets to open chest providing reasonable drop rates. Players can also visibly see the tickets by going to the pause screen.


Fast Clearing the Raid

The approach to fast clearing this ticket event only uses the ‘normal’ difficulity level. I have found grinding the normal difficulty level to be the most efficient only using 20 Energy per raid. The key to this fast clear is with only one skill; Chain Lightning. Chain Lightning is a decent bracer to pick up that provides good wave clear but at the cost of long cooldown. In this event, Chain Lightning allows you to instantly delete four (4) vorors (or the collosus if you encounter that variation), leaving behind two (2) vorors to clean up. Do note that the skill must be used immediately as the event starts; before the vorors raise their shields. The video below shows a demonstration of this.

[kad_youtube url=”” width=”full” height=”full” ]


This strategy allows you to clear the event in about 20 seconds flat.


Comparison of Opening Chests with Gems and Tickets

For this comparison we’ll assume the player has a capacity of 120 E and only grinding tickets using the normal difficulty.

CurrencyChests Opened
Tickets1200 Energy
(10 gem refills: 10 X 120)


Of course to successfully burn 100 gems on tickets will require a huge amount of continuous grinding, focus and time. For players working with limited gems, this approach is very conservative for opening gear and stronghold chests. It’s up to you to decide if the effort is worth the huge amount of extra chests that can be opened with your gems stash.

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  1. MIJ

    I use my Dash strike when i enter the room to get to the center. I wait in middle till the vorors surround me and use my T5 Fire Cyclone. That destroys most vorors and the rushing “Fiey Ignacore” when present. In case there is a collosus i have to fight him and may be 1 or 2 more vorors and pause. This is my style hope i can help. MIJ

  2. MillerT

    Any idea what the drop rate is for tickets? Last week I ran it 10 times and only got 1 ticket. Is that typical or just my bad luck?