Solo Mission Evo Material Guide

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Where to find Evolution Materials

This guide will help you find the evolution material found throughout DH5 missions.

Note #1 : The missions in DH5 “only” provide certain evolution materiel (usually dragon teeth and dragon scales). Other evolution material can be obtained in the Daily Evolution Dungeons (Tuesdays thru Fridays).

Note#2: To evolve Forsaken Sands and Northern Storm items you can find their Evolution Material in missions 52 through 63. Kenashi Heirlooms and various Lamps(T4&T5) are found only in those missions and not in the regular solo missions 1 through 51.

Note #3: Do not get confused between crafting matrial (Djinn Frozen Heart) and Evolution Material (Kenashi Heirloom). One is intended for Crafting purposes and the other is for Evolution purposes as listed.

Note #4: You can also obtain Heirlooms playing Friday’s Evolution Event.

Note #5: Wanted Challenge (WC) evolution material is only found and obtained in the same Wanted Challenge. If you fail to get the needed evolution material during the WC then you cannot evolve the WC gear item to it’s Maximum Tier (T5). In order to evolve each Gear Item in WC to T5 you will need 3 evolution material( coins/incense…etc) found in the same WC. Otherwise you may have to wait for a repeat of the exact WC in the future which can be rare or can never happen.


[accordion] [pane title=”A. Dragon Teeth and Scales” ]

The list below lists solo mission number & it’s difficulty followed by the Evolution Material type and Element found in that solo mission.

Difficulties are :
1. Normal = N
2. Hard = H
3. Expert =E

Evo Material TypeElementSolo Mission Location
Dragon ToothDeath
Dragon ScaleDeath
[/pane] [pane title=”B. Kenashi Heirloom”]

This Evolution Material is needed to evolve Kenashi Items, and it is found in the following missions playing any difficulty. However, the chances to get it playing Hard and Expert modes are much higher than in Normal mode. The Kenashi Heirloom is found is the following missions:

Northern Storm missions 52 through to 57 (Any Difficulty).
[/pane] [pane title=”C. Forsaken Sands Lamps”]

There are 2 Evolution lamps (Material) found in Forsaken Sands missions (58 through 63). One is a T4 lamp called (Golden Snakelet lamp). The second one is T5 lamp called (Golden Cobra lamp). They are found in the following Forsaken Sands missions:

Evo Material TierLocation
T4 Lamp58N&H, 59N&H, 60N&H, 61N, 62N, 63N
T5 Lamp58H&E, 59E, 60H&E, 61H&E, 62H&E, 63H&E
[/pane] [/accordion]



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  1. DARK

    You can find Kenashi Heirloom in the Friday dungeon too

    • MIJ

      Yes Dark i mentioned that in notes. Also the new Adamant gear evo. Mat. (The Helmets) are found in the new FS missions 64, 65, and 66. The higher the difficulty the better drop rate. One is T4 and one is T5 to evolve your Adamant gear accordingly.