Mission Skills Guide

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Where To Find Skills

Note: This list contains all the “Elemental Skills” found in solo missions (1-63). These same skills are found/Dropped in Special Dungeons such as “The Sand Ticket Event” or in Bounty Chests at various Tier (not more T2). You can find other skills in Gear chests. Those Skills are special and start at T3.

The list indicates the number of Mission followed by it’s Difficulty. There are 3 Difficulties:
N: Normal
H: Hard
E: Expert

Alse note: The higher the mission number the higher the tier of skills found in that mission. And there are no Skills found in solo mission 1-51 playing Normal Difficulty. Skills are found playing normal difficulty “Only” playing in Northern Storm and Forsaken Sands missions (52-63/End)

[accordion] [pane title=”Death Skills” start=open]
Skill TypeSkill NameSolo Mission Location
BackBlade Disc19E, 32E, 36E, 44E, 56E, 61H
Darkness Bolts8E, 18E, 36H, 38H, 62E
Demonic Shield2E, 17E, 29E
BracerLingering Orb40E, 47E
Spinning Slash1H, 14H, 43H
BeltDarkness Spread4H, 23H, 37E, 45H
A list of all the death skills and the solo missions they can be obtained from [/pane] [pane title=”Fire Skills”]
Skill TypeSkill NameSolo Mission Location
BackFire Ball Spread34H
Fire Dash10H, 35E
Fire Shield (Favorite)21E
BracersFire Ball6E, 12H, 31H, 31H, 42E, 55E
Fire Hammer5E, 12H
BeltRolling Flames3E, 27H, 59E
[/pane] [pane title=”Light Skills”]
Skill TypeSkill NameSolo Mission Location
BackLightning Orbs19H, 30E, 41H, 45E, 55H
Lightning Shield23E, 43E
Ten Strikes (Favorite)26H, 27E, 33E, 41E, 47H, 48E
BracersDash Strike (Light Dash)18H, 26E, 39H
Lightning Blast21H, 25H, 51E
BeltThere are no "Light Belts" available in solo missions. Only chests


[pane title=” Water Skills”]
Skill TypeSkill NameSolo Mission Location
BackAqua Strikes8E, 16E, 24E, 37H
Frost Shield8H, 13H, 16H, 32H, 53H
Ice Spike Blast22E, 44H
BracersFrost Cone15H, 57E, 60E
Ice Blast (Favorite)1E, 17H, 38E, 49H
BeltIce Spikes13E, 35H, 46E, 50H


[pane title=”Nature Skills”]
Skill TypeSkill NameSolo Mission Location
BackHealing Shield28H, 31E, 58E
Leap Strike12E, 28E, 33H, 48H
Spore Blast4E, 10E, 30H, 60N, 61N
BracersReaching Vines29H, 34E, 54H
Spore Trap3H, 20E, 7H, 8H, 63E
BeltSpreading Vines7E, 15E, 52E, 58N
[/pane] [/accordion]

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  1. Raziel619

    Awesome! I think this will help out many players as a reference

  2. DARK

    Thanks, MIJ!

  3. Kafu Tru

    this is a very useful guide use it!!

  4. old goat

    Thank you MIJ!! These are the kind of lists I need..you know us OLD guys can’t remember shit!

  5. Godiva

    Nice quide, thank you!

    Q: Can all 3 variations of the skill drop in each location or only the item with the skill (hp, crit, etc) which is indicated in the loot table of each mission?

    • Raziel619

      To my knowledge and experience, all 3 variations can be obtained from these solo missions. Trial and error.

    • MIJ

      You need to know the variation system in collection. once the skill drops in a mission/event click on it and read the stats. Usually you can tell which variation it is if it was a level1 (any tier). You need to write the three variations from collection and compare them to the dropped skill stats/variation.

  6. Derek R Maneke

    Not totally true ice blast drops from mission 6 normal have it on all my toons…

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  8. Ovir

    Great. Thanks cery much Rajin. This helps exceptionally well.

    One quick inquiry. Chain lightening is no wheee to obtain but chests?

  9. Bjanae

    Got just Ground lighning from rush Solo 72 epic Demonic Ritual