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Pow Pow Pow!

Good day fellow guild members and selected beta testers. This community was developed to serve as hub for both blog posts (guides, tip and tricks, random thoughts) and well as a host a small social networking component. I built this site primarily as a blog at first but the social networking aspect somehow seeped into my mind palace. Currently the networking aspect has the following components:

Chat: A very simple chat room but private messaging with any registered members can be performed via Community > Chat > Private Messaging. I know that this component needs some work but I think it’s fine for deployment.


Groups: Basically registered members can create groups and invite members to join. Sort of mimicking guilds in a sense.


Becoming a contributor

As I said above this site should serve as an area for dedicated players to share their thoughts on the game and its state via articles and discussions. If any of you beta testers which to become a contributor, email me at [email protected] with your account’s email address and I’ll set it up.


Providing Feedback

I have a form up here for feedback and recommendations. However if you wish to send more larger files or even images feel free to email me at [email protected].



I would like to close beta testing on this site by Monday, 18th January. I will review all feedback received and attempt to make the requested improvements and additions by Wednesday, 20th January. Of course this timeline is an extreme draft and subject to change depending on how the beta process goes.


Final Thoughts

I’m not sure what sort of ripple this community will make but I think it will be a fun place to gather information from other dedicated players and building this was an extremely fun experience.