Update 1.3.51: Login Change, Leaderboard Reset

Happy New Year and welcome to the first mini update to All Fours Mobile. This update 1.3.51 serves to make All Fours Mobile 64 bit compliant to Google Play’s requirements as well as some building blocks for a bigger update due in a month or so (fingers crossed, I need to sleep less).


  • Facebook login has been removed and Google Play Login is put in its place.
    • All Fours Mobile has always used facebook login only to enter the leaderboard. In hindsight, this was not the best approach as it limits the amount of installed devices that actually entered the leaderboard. Google Play login should address this issue as the player should already be signed in when installing from store.
  • Leaderboard has been reset and season 2 top 5 players entered into hall of fame
    • This reset is in light of the login change. Also note, this new leaderboard will exist for a much shorter duration than the previous 2 to facilitate a future update

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