[Package] py_wrike_v4 – Python Wrapper for Wrike API

A python wrapper for the Wrike API V4. This wrapper provides convenience methods for accessing Wrike’s API endpoints. Be sure to familiarize yourself with their documentation¬†here¬†before using this package. Wrike uses unique IDs to identify any of their data objects. These IDs are what’s used to make requests to the Wrike API. Consider the example Read more about [Package] py_wrike_v4 – Python Wrapper for Wrike API[…]

[Package] Unity Admob Manager

Yoooooo! I’ve been meaning to release this script for years now and procrastination told me otherwise. However, as I have been porting over my apps to iOS, I find myself extracting out modules from those projects. Today, I am releasing the Monobehaviour script that I have been using across all of my Unity projects to Read more about [Package] Unity Admob Manager[…]

[Repo] “The Untamed” Whatsapp Sticker Pack

Sometime last year, I spent at least an entire week binge watching a chinese drama series called the The Untamed. Absolutely brilliant series (except for the ending which is a bit rubbish). Whilst in that mood of euphoria, I decided to create a whatsapp sticker pack to spam my girlfriend (now wife) with. It was Read more about [Repo] “The Untamed” Whatsapp Sticker Pack[…]

[Repo] Useful Unity Monobehaviours

Over the years, I have developed a number of mobile games using Unity and have been reusing a number of helper scripts for certain behaviors. I have added those scripts to a public github repository and publishing it via this post. Repository of useful standalone monobehaviours This repo is intended for game developers, containing many Read more about [Repo] Useful Unity Monobehaviours[…]

[Repo] Unity – Building a Simple Customizable Floating Messages Package

This post details how to build a simple customizable floating messages package in for Unity projects using C#. It was built and implemented in All Fours Mobile. For novice developers, such as myself, that are transitioning to making modular and reusable components, this post may be particularly useful. At the end, you should be able Read more about [Repo] Unity – Building a Simple Customizable Floating Messages Package[…]