Unity – Building a Simple Customizable Floating Messages Package

This post details how to build a simple customizable floating messages package in for Unity projects using C#. It was built and implemented in All Fours Mobile. For novice developers, such as myself, that are transitioning to making modular and reusable components, this post may be particularly useful. At the end, you should be able Read more about Unity – Building a Simple Customizable Floating Messages Package[…]

ScreenShake in Unity Canvas (Alternative Approach)

I recently developed a casual game Hit Ah Fish and wanted to perform a camera shake. In this particular project, All of my GameObjects operate within a canvas. So of course my first instinct was simply to google ‘Camera Shake Unity Canvas’ which lead me to a Yunolab blog post. This post tweaks the strategy Read more about ScreenShake in Unity Canvas (Alternative Approach)[…]

PlayFab First Impression

Context As I’ve recently decided to publish games at a faster pace, I decided that I needed to streamline the process of creating and integrating leaderboards. Previously, I created a new database and wrote new APIs for each game’s leaderboard. This approach is extremely tedious and wildly inefficient (display of my noobness). A solution to Read more about PlayFab First Impression[…]

PHP Random Name Generator

Currently configured to provide you a medium sized library of video game names. An extremely simple random name generator currently using a small customizable library of cool video game nameshttps://github.com/Raziel619/php-name-generator1 forks.1 stars.0 open issues.Recent commits: Update README.md, GitHub Update README.md, GitHub Update README.md, GitHub Add files via upload, GitHub Create README.md, GitHub