Unity Troubleshooting: Google Play Games and Mobile Ads Plugins Integration

As a mobile games developer, in game ads are usually a primary source of income. Specifically for android games, signing into Google Play Games (GPG) is also necessary to provide more features. Implementing each of these functionalities on their own is a relatively easy as the plugin developers have done a phenomenal job. You can Read more about Unity Troubleshooting: Google Play Games and Mobile Ads Plugins Integration[…]

[Package] Unity Admob Manager

Yoooooo! I’ve been meaning to release this script for years now and procrastination told me otherwise. However, as I have been porting over my apps to iOS, I find myself extracting out modules from those projects. Today, I am releasing the Monobehaviour script that I have been using across all of my Unity projects to Read more about [Package] Unity Admob Manager[…]

[Repo] “The Untamed” Whatsapp Sticker Pack

Sometime last year, I spent at least an entire week binge watching a chinese drama series called the The Untamed. Absolutely brilliant series (except for the ending which is a bit rubbish). Whilst in that mood of euphoria, I decided to create a whatsapp sticker pack to spam my girlfriend (now wife) with. It was Read more about [Repo] “The Untamed” Whatsapp Sticker Pack[…]

[Repo] Useful Unity Monobehaviours

Over the years, I have developed a number of mobile games using Unity and have been reusing a number of helper scripts for certain behaviors. I have added those scripts to a public github repository and publishing it via this post. Repository of useful standalone monobehaviours This repo is intended for game developers, containing many Read more about [Repo] Useful Unity Monobehaviours[…]