All Fours Mobile Update V1.3.41 Series – Visual Updates

All Fours Mobile has had an outdated UI/UX experience for quite some time. This 1.3.4 series of updates is intended to bring it up to par with a more modern design. You can find the changelog for this update below.

V1.3.48 is the latest update in this series and may take a while to appear in the Google Play Store.

UI Updates

  • Main Menu, Leaderboard, Hall of Fame, News and Options screen have all been merged into a single scene. This should provide a more seamless navigation experience as well as a decrease in app’s install size! wheeeeee!
  • Previous main menu design has been completely changed (it looks a little more pretty now, see for yourself)
  • Floating messages and end game pop up in game scene updated for better readability
  • Game Log can now be accessed at end of game
  • News items made smaller

Functional Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Pressing back button while in game should now bring users back to main menu (this should have been done much earlier, my bad)
  • Migrating to new app bundles show result in much smaller download size
  • Native 64 bit version released
  • Game Log bug fixed where clicking card when overlay is active plays that card to board
  • Game now rotates dealer upon starting a new game

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