All Fours Mobile Update v1.3.1

As promised, find below the changelog for this update. Note you may receive the actual update within a few hours


  • Added Hall of Fame
  • New Leaderboard
    • Leaderboard has been reset
    • New leaderboard requires facebook login for stats to be added (this allows for player data to be accessed if device is changed)
    • Your own record can now be seen in the leaderboards screen
    • Note: Your record is updated periodically as opposed to after every game to reduce server calls
  • Added Game Log in game scene
  • Added a few more buttons to enable easier navigation
  • Game AI now remembers who dealt last upon starting a new game


  • Font size of text showing points allocation at end of each round is now dynamically calculated depending on phone’s screen size

Roadmap for next update

The next update will be focusing on improving the game’s AI. I do believe that the current AI (which has not been modified since game’s first publish) is pretty strong but of course there is always room for improvement. I also intend to redo the game’s UI from scratch as my UI skills are currently really poor but this may not happen in the near future.