All Fours Mobile Update v1.2

Due to being extremely busy over the past year, I’ve not pushed any updates to All Fours Mobile (AFM), leaving it in quite a stale state. Finally receiving some free time over the past couple of months, AFM will now be receiving some minor quality of life updates hopefully followed by some bigger changes. The list of changes for this update V1.1 is listed below.

Changelog v1.2
New Additions

  • Added a news section in-game
  • Added ‘How To Play’ article (Can be found in Options menu)
  • Added link generator to other Raziel619 android products
  • Added random background feature to game scene
  • Added ambient music and card sound effects (Finally! lol)

Changes and Fixes (Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!)

  • Updated the end of round text notice for easier readability
  • Fixed leaderboard scrolling issue
  • Fixed an issue with game over notification displaying incorrectly across different screen resolutions
  • Fixed an issue where game wouldn’t end even after a player reaches 14 points
  • Fixed an issue where the game end notice was incorrect (Leaderboard win/losses updated correctly, fear not!)

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